Nearly $2 Million in Wage Theft Violations

Construction Worker


On February 16th, the California Labor Commissioner’s office affirmed the citation of a Long Beach drywall contractor for nearly $2 million in wage theft violations.

According to the report

"A hearing officer has upheld the Labor Commissioner’s wage theft citations of nearly $2 million to a Southern California drywall contractor affecting 472 laborers who worked on 26 construction projects throughout Southern California...

In 2018, the Labor Commissioner’s Office cited Fullerton Pacific Interiors Inc. $1,964,679 for wage theft violations and civil penalties. The workers who did taping and drywall installation at hotel, recreation centers and casino projects in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties from August 2014 to June 2016 were paid a daily rate that did not properly compensate them for overtime hours and rest breaks, and 28 workers were paid less than minimum wage."

If you have been a part of wage theft violations by your current of past employers. Please reach out to the Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC, so we can help you recover the money that you are rightfully owed.